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Steve & Chris
Mon 22 Jun 2015 20:19

16:48.589S 179:17.287E


Monday 22nd June 2015


Distance run: 4 nmiles


With a break in the weather forecast for tomorrow, with the strong south-easterly winds dying away in favour of light southerlies, we decided now was the time to head east along the south coast of Vanua Levu.  So this morning we did some last-minute stocking up of fruit and veg and bread and tidied up the boat and made her ready for sea.  We paid up at the Copra Shed marina, and with our cruising permit already in hand, we were ready to bid Savusavu goodbye.  In no hurry to leave as we were only heading for an anchorage round by the pass some 4 nmiles away, we joined Bear and Pepe, who are also heading out today to the east,  for a leisurely lunch at the cafe across the road from the marina. 



S-F waiting patiently on her mooring at the Copra Shed.


We slipped the mooring buoy just before 14:00 as Beez Neez backed slowly out of her berth, and forty minutes later dropped anchors off the Cousteau resort in Savusavu Bay.   As soon as the anchor was set, we went for our first swim in a very long time.  Boy, was it good to be back in warm (ish), clear (ish) water.  Shortly after, Michaela from ‘Alita’ paddled over in her kayak to invite us for sundowners.  We spent an enjoyable couple of hours chatting with Marcus and Michaela and their guest Claus, before heading back to S-F for an early night as we would be lifting the anchor at first light tomorrow.