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Steve & Chris
Sun 2 Jan 2011 15:44
14:46.18N 51:20.79W

Sunday 2nd January 2011

Distance run in 24 hours: 111
Total distance run: 1562
Distance left: 497

A typical days sailing until early evening when the winds went light and variable and died completely at about 2100. By then we had been changing the sail plan for four hours and were exhausted. So it was headsails away and out with the iron topsail (diesel engine for our non-sailing readers) for the first time since leaving Cape Verdes - so pretty good really. It also means that with just a bit more sailing we would have enough diesel now to motor the whole way! Hopefully that will not be necessary as the wind is due to increase later today. This morning we have sailed goosewinged ( headsail one side and the main held out the opposite) for the first time as there is not enough wind to fill the unpoled genoa and like all the books say it is rolly! So it is now "Rolly Rawlie", luckily the seas are not too bad.