Snorkelling at Sandy Island, Carriacou

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Steve & Chris
Mon 28 May 2012 22:38

12:29.043N 61:28.897W


Monday 28th May 2012


Distance run: 9 nmiles


This morning we lifted the anchor and motored a couple of miles over to Morpion, a small sand cay just off Petit St Vincent, where we hoped to do some snorkelling off the reefs.  As we got close, however, it became obvious that getting onto the cay or reefs by dinghy would be quite adventurous, and as the water was quite deep off the reefs we would have to take Scott-Free uncomfortably close to them to anchor.  We admit, we bottled out.   



Morpion is a small sand cay with one hut.


We decided instead to go back round to Sandy Island in Hillsborough Bay in Carriacou and picked up a mooring buoy just off the beach.  Steve & James took the rib ashore and then spent a pleasant hour or two snorkelling in the reefs off either end of the island.


m_P5280068.jpg                           m_P5280070.jpg

Approaching Sandy Island from Hillsborough.                                                                    Steve & James making for the beach on Sandy Island.


We considered staying on the buoy overnight, but as they had arranged to go diving at 0900 the following morning, we moved the boat over to Hillsborough, just off the jetty, so that they could get ashore easily tomorrow.