A passenger, a line squall and more dolphins

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Steve & Chris
Wed 15 Dec 2010 18:51
22:29.69N 21:13.12W

Wednesday 15th December 2010

Distance run in 24 hours: 110
Total distance run: 467
Distance left: 398

A lively 24 hours with lots of wind and swell which started up early evening and is just dying down now (18:45).

Before the winds picked up we were lucky to see another pod of dolphins, and on a walk around the deck we found we had picked up a passenger in the shape of a cuttlefush. Unfortunately having been left high and dry on the foredeck had not done it a lot of good so we buried it at sea.

As the winds were dying down today we noticed a line of dark clouds to our right, each end of which seemed to touch the sea. Time to shorten sail, and just in time as the winds picked up as it passed over us. We got off lightly as it only took 10 minutes to pass over and with no more than 20 knots of wind - Serafina apparently had 30+ knots for over an hour. Being some miles South of us, they were probably in the area where the cloud appeared to touch the sea.

It is now much calmer, we are back on course and sailing nicely. The sea has been somewhat confused but is also flattening out. We are now about to tuck into supper of chicken stew and then settle gthe boat down for the night.