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Steve & Chris
Tue 21 Jul 2015 21:51

Tuesday 21st July


The rock formations in the lagoon are typical of the Lau islands and quite spectacular, so we went for an exploratory trip in Baby Beez with Pepe and Bear to get a closer look.


m_IMG_5777.jpg                m_IMG_5779.jpg

What appears to be one rock...                                                                                 ...is actually two.


m_IMG_5785.jpg                m_IMG_5798.jpg

One rock seems to have broken in two?                                                                 And here into many?


m_IMG_5790a.jpg                m_IMG_5806.jpg

This one looks about ready to topple over.                                                           As does this one!


m_IMG_5796.jpg                m_IMG_5795.jpg

Typical mushroom-shaped islets.                                                                              Typical undercutting by the water.


m_IMG_5800.jpg                m_IMG_5802.jpg

Small secluded beaches hidden between the rocks.                                          Lava-like rock shaped like a rhino? Hippo? Elephant?


m_IMG_5781.jpg                m_IMG_5809.jpg

Looking back into the anchorage.                                                                            S-F waiting patiently for our return.


Absolutely beautiful.