Limnos - Myrina

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Steve & Chris
Sat 27 Jun 2009 12:50
39:52.36N 25:03E
Saturday 27th June 2009
Having had a good night's sleep we were both awake bright and early the next day, so we pulled up the anchor and set off around the coast for the main town of the island, arriving in Myrina in time for lunch.  The harbour wall was full with what appeared to be charter boats, so we anchored off the beach.  As a new breakwater had been built since the Pilot was published in 2007, the harbour was very well protected.  We swam from the boat and decided it was so nice here we would spend another day.
We spent the next day exploring the town, shopping for supplies, and drinking iced coffee in a waterfront taverna.  In the evening we went ashore and ate a pleasant meal in another waterfront taverna, this time looking out over the harbour where our lovely boat stood out a class above the rest - well ok we're prepared to accept we may be a little biased...
Anvil cloud on way to Limnos                                                                                        Steve cleaning the waterline
Twilight - with Mount Athos just visible in the distance                                                    Myrina harbour at night, with the fort lit up in the background
We were glad we decided to stay another day - sometimes we forget to slow down and stop moving, if only briefly!  We liked Limnos.