A spot or two of rain

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Steve & Chris
Fri 10 May 2013 00:34
05:15.271S 109:08.723W
Thursday 9th March 2013
Distance run so far: 992
Distance run Day 8: 139
Total distance run: 1131 nmiles
That's the first thousand miles under our belt, and a third of the way there.
We put ship's time back an hour today, as the sun set just after 1900 yesterday and rose again just before 0700 this morning.  So we are now -7 UTC (GMT) or 8 hours behind friends and family in the UK who are on Daylight Saving Time.  So as I write this just before sundowners, you are, or should be, fast asleep in your beds.
The day started bright and cheerful, and stayed that way until a couple of hours ago when some rather unpleasant-looking clouds started scudding across the sky.  One particularly unpleasant one came as close as four miles and rather impertinently deposited a few drops of rain on us.  First time the oilies have been out this trip.  Winds picked up to 18-22 knots for a while, before the ugly brute turned tail and headed away. 
Radar, with us at the centre, and the squall to our right.                                And the beast itself off our starboard beam.
I suspect the unsettled weather will last a bit now, so am keeping the oilies out in readiness.  Can't complain, I suppose, this is day 9 and the weather's been very settled so far.  Hopefully the off-watch's sleep won't be disturbed!