On our way - Minerva or NZ?

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Steve & Chris
Tue 12 Nov 2013 22:01
22:18.248S 177:06.925W

Tuesday 12th November 2013

Distance run Day 1: 145 nmiles

Left Tongatapu yesterday 0900 for the 1100 nmile trip to Opua in New Zealand. We don't know, as yet, whether we will stop at Minerva reef on the way. We should pass by it early tomorrow morning, and will make a decision later today depending on the weather forecast. There is a low coming off the Ozzie east coast whose arrival in NZ could coincide with ours, making the weather somewhat unpleasant. So we need to check on it before deciding whether to go straight for NZ and hope to beat it there, or wait in Minerva reef for it to pass. As Minerva is a coral reef in the middle of nowhere, this decision is of the 'rocks and hard places' variety. Ho hum.