Cooling down

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Steve & Chris
Tue 28 Nov 2017 22:38

Tuesday 28th November 2017


As the boat will be laid up for some time on the hard, we have been thinking about getting a dehumidifier to leave running in an attempt to stop things going mouldy in this humid heat.  We were chatting with Tom and Kim from “Exit Strategy”, and they had already identified a stand-alone air-conditioning unit that also has a dehumidifier setting which they were thinking of getting for their boat.


So we joined them for a trip over to Langkawi and shared a car to the electrical store to take a look.  The unit was quite large, but had the advantage that we didn’t need to sit it out on deck over a hatch with the problem of waterproofing that would entail.  We could vent it out of the forward heads window.  We checked the operation instruction booklet to make sure it could run just in dehumidifier mode, which it would.  So having satisfied ourselves that we would enjoy air con when on the boat and leave it on dehumidifier when we left, we went ahead and bought one.


So did Tom and Kim.


We had one car between us and two rather large and heavy cardboard boxes to get 16kms back to the ferry, on the ferry, and then back to the boat.  So we set about a game of car Tetris, and eventually managed to fit one air con unit in the boot, and the other on Tom and Kim’s laps in the back seat.



Rather a tight squeeze in the back – as Tom’s face tells!


The roads out of town were not busy and we were soon back at the ferry.  We were worried that the ferry skipper wouldn’t let us on with both units, but it wasn’t very busy and he didn’t bat an eyelid – probably used to crazy yachties!  Back at the boat we had to lower a rope and haul it up on board, but the effort was all worth it when the unit was unpacked, vented and plugged in, and the first blast of cool air hit our faces.  Marvellous!



Cool air at the touch of a button. Wonderful!