windy Skopelos Town

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Steve & Chris
Wed 5 Aug 2009 10:26
We arrived in Skopelos Town as planned and had no trouble finding a berth.  The strong winds began as forecast at about 0100 on Wednesday night and soon built to a constant 30+ knots with frequent gusts of 40+ knots.  Unfortunately the wind wasn't from the usual North East which would have put it comfortably on the nose, it was from the North West which meant it was trying to blow the back end of the boat round.  However, our kedge was well set and pulled in tight, and held well.  We finally got to bed at 6 a.m. which meant the next day was a bit of a wash-out as we caught up on missed sleep.
We spent a couple of days in Skopelos, one of which we spent travelling round the island on a bus.  It visited the bays we had either passed or spent time in by boat, and it was interesting to see them from a different perspective.  We went to Glossa which is the town on the hill above the port of Loutraki where we had stayed with Kerrie & Lee, and had a pleasant lunch on a balcony overlooking the harbour, sea, nearby Skiathos and the north coast of Evia.