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Steve & Chris
Thu 17 Sep 2015 21:46

17:45.507S 177:23.222E


Thursday 17th September 2015


Distance run: 10 nmiles


After several days pottering around doing minor boat jobs and keeping an eye on the weather, which was not yet looking good for a departure, we decided to move back to Denarau.  The reason for this was that the Rugby World Cup opening game between England and Fiji was being played on Saturday morning and there was every chance it would be shown in the restaurants in Denarau. 


So we lifted the anchor this morning and discovered what good holding there is here – we had to motor forward hard to break the anchor out, and hose the chain down as it came on board to wash off the thick dark mud clinging to it.  A couple of hours later we were anchored back in Denarau, not far from the spot we had vacated a few days earlier.  Off our port bow was a boat I recognised, and which turned out to be ‘Rigel’.  We made a mental note to pop over and catch up with Doug soon – last brief meeting was in Whangarei.


We showed Rod & Mary the marina facilities etc. and then set about finding out where the rugby would be shown.  We introduced them to Happy Hour at the yacht club, and when they returned to Sheer we decided to stay and eat ashore.  We had given the Hard Rock Cafe a miss last time, so put that right this.  It reminded us of our visit to the Hard Rock in Beirut – how many miles have we sailed since then, I wonder?  We were enjoying our burgers when ‘YMCA’ came on, and we were highly amused and entertained by the staff who lined up along the front and sang and danced it all the way through.  Great fun!


m_P9170696.jpg                m_IMG_9236.jpg

Happy Hour at the Rhum-Ba at the Denarau Yacht Club.                               Cheers!


m_P9170698.jpg           m_P9170701.jpg

Burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe.