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Steve & Chris
Fri 29 May 2009 14:25
40:30.46N 27:29.63E
On leaving Çanakkale we slipped back into the Dardanelles, joining it at the narrowest point where there is also a sharp bend.  This meant keeping as close inshore as possible to avoid the strongest current (which was very much against us!) and to avoid the large vessels which were going both ways!  It was good when eventually we reached the end and the Sea of Marmara opened up before us.
We stopped at a small island called Tukeli, and anchored off a steeply shelving beach for the night.  We didn't also realise that the quayside we had anchored quite close to was to be visited by two large ferries during our stay, and when Chris looked out of the window to see what had rocked the boat during the late evening, she got quite a shock to see an enormous ferry not too far away!!
We passed an otherwise uneventful night, although one of the beachside bars had loud music playing until well into the early hours - and it looked such a sleepy little place at first!