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Steve & Chris
Tue 22 Feb 2011 16:12
16:13.297N 61:32.339W

Tuesday 22nd February 2011

On Sunday, we enjoyed a lazy-ish day, doing just some little jobs around the boat.  Steve donned his fins and snorkel and mask and set about cleaning the growth off the waterline of the boat, and diving down to clear some of the water intakes which appeared to be partly blocked.  The freezer one, in particular, seems to have benefited from a clean-up and the freezer doesn't seem to be cycling on and off so often now.  Although the bottom of the boat is painted with anti-foul to stop growth, some place such as inside a water intake do not get painted, and so things grow on them.
Steve cleaning the waterline.
The organisers of the get-together arrived and invited the CA
members for drinks on board their boat that evening.  They are the joint
secretaries of the recently formed CA Blue Water section. We joined them for drinks and plans were made for a 'pot luck' supper yesterday, and a trip up to the fort and beach visit today.
The weather, however, had other ideas...
A huge weather system in the North Atlantic, whilst not directly affecting us wind-wise, is sending a big North-Easterly swell down to the Caribbean, and the anchorage we were in was not really protected enough to cope with it.  So it was decided yesterday morning to up anchor and sail to Pointe A Pitre on Guadeloupe, which is a much more sheltered harbour.  As this was our next port of call in any case, we were quite happy with the move, although it did cut short our exploration of Les Saintes.  So shortly after 1000 yesterday morning the anchor was up and we were setting the sails for a 20-mile beat to windward - my very least favourite point of sail.
As it turned out, although we couldn't head up high enough to make it in one tack, it wasn't a bad sail, and we arrived in the quiet waters of the Pointe a Pitre anchorage soon after 1600.  It was a little off-putting at first, as there are some shallow spots in the anchorage, several of which are decorated with boats on their sides or, worse still, masts that poke out of the water!  We found a suitable spot near the other CA boats and dropped the anchor.
With the change of plan, it was decided to eat ashore, and we all ribbed over to the marina and had a very enjoyable meal in La Pirate Caribeen restaurant.
According to Sheena, the word to say when having one's photo taken is "testicles".  She never said why!
It was not a late night after the day's sail as everyone was keen to get home to bed.  The 'pot luck' supper is scheduled for tonight, and the chicken drumsticks are nicely marinating in the fridge.  The anchorage is comfortable and the wind is light enough to allow us to have the boom tent up to keep the sun off.