Day 1

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Steve & Chris
Sun 11 Jul 2010 09:01
32:21N 32:46.93E 
Log 6939
Distance run in 24 hours 107
Each day our postion is plotted on the chart at midday so that we can see our progress over the last 24 hours.  With a good wind we were able to sail at a reasonable speed and although there was some South in our heading we were mainly making West.  We were using the Genoa and staysail and this allowed us to head up fairly close into the wind. When the wind shifted and put too much South in our course, we tacked and started to gain some North.
Conditions were good and we enjoyed a pleasant supper of poached salmon with hollandaise sauce before getting the boat ready for the night. We tend not to have a strictly timed watch pattern, but play it by ear according to how each of us is feeling, but broadly based on 3-hour watches.  Because it is so hot below decks with all the hatches closed, it is much more pleasant to sleep in the cockpit anyway, and this means that the off-watch person is available if needed.  
It was an uneventful night sailing wise, and the stars were spectacular.