Cartagena photos 2

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Steve & Chris
Thu 29 Nov 2012 15:38

Thursday 29th November 2012


m_PB280007.jpg                           m_PB280011.jpg

This pink house was our landmark to get back to Casa Lucy.                                        Casa Lucy is in this street – good job we didn’t hire a car!


m_PB280015.jpg                                            m_PB290033.jpg

The old city has very narrow streets.                                                                                       The University building.


m_PB290045.jpg                           m_PB290047.jpg

There’s a square around just about every corner….                                                          ..this one outside the Museum of Modern Art.


m_PB290037.jpg                           m_PB290048.jpg           

Here, under the arches, they sell all kinds of sweets.                                                         Some roads are pedestrians only.


m_PB290080.jpg                            m_PB280023.jpg

Pretty at night.                                                                                                 They get in everywhere!


m_PB290042.jpg                           m_PB290057.jpg          

Pegasus statues just outside the walled city.                                                                       View from the Popa over Cartagena bay.               



Lunch stop – thirsty work walking round the city!