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Sat 25 Jul 2015 21:47

Saturday 25th July 2015


The strong winds continued to blow and kept us in the village anchorage beyond the time when he had hoped to leave Fulaga and set off for Suva.  Finally they were forecast to ease a little tomorrow, and so we invited Tara and Joe to lunch on the boat to reciprocate in part their hospitality and to bid them goodbye.  Steve went ashore to collect them and found Tara there with grandchildren Peter (11) and Johnny (9).  Joe sent his apologies as he had to go out fishing for tomorrow’s lunch.  When they arrived at the boat, Tara gave me a bag woven from pandanus grass which she had made the afternoon before.


We served up pasta Bolognese for lunch – the boys were not too keen and only picked at it, but Tara enjoyed it and finished off what they left.  Dessert was tinned pears and yogurt, neither of which they had tried before, and these were much more of a hit with the boys.  In fact, Johnny had a second helping saying it was like ice cream.


Tara was interested to see photos of our family and the boys enjoyed looking around the boat and through the binoculars, and Steve took them for a fast ride in the dinghy and showed them his full repertoire of two magic tricks, both of which they worked out, but soon they became bored and it was time to take them back to shore.  We sent them off with some pasta Bolognese for Joe, some dried parmesan and a tin of pears, but no yogurt as they have no way to keep it cold. The boys had enjoyed a few toffees after lunch, so we gave them the packet to share with the rest of the family. Tara had expressed an interest in the bay leaf that had inadvertently been left in her meat sauce, so we also gave her a few bay leaves to try in her cooking.


I bade them goodbye, hugged Tara and thanked her for welcoming us into her home and family, and Steve took them off in the dinghy.  Once they were safely back on shore, we lifted the dinghy and set about making the boat ready for a lumpy sea.  We would have preferred to wait for the wind and seas to ease further, but needed to be in Musket Cove on Malolo Lailai Island, off the west coast of the main island Viti Levu by the 29th for Brenda’s 50th birthday.


m_IMG_5903a.jpg                m_IMG_5905.jpg

Steve brings Tara and her grandsons out to the boat.                                     Peter, Johnny and Tara.