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Steve & Chris
Wed 12 Aug 2009 14:40
39:20.96N 22:56.81E
12th August 2009
Weighed anchor late morning after a leisurely breakfast of melon followed by bacon butties (bread courtesy of Concerto as we hadn't been able to get any for 2 days!)  No wind so we motored to Volos.  Concerto arrived first and were bows to the town quay so we parked next to them, but were then told that the spots we were in belonged to a charter company and we couldn't stay there.  We all doubted that there was a problem as once charter boats go out they are usually out for at least a week, but decided that the best thing to do would be to move to the floating pontoon off the breakwater which is specifically for visiting boats (and as such has NO water OR electricity and is frequented late at night by the local youths - the Greeks certainly know how to make foreign boats feel welcome!)
Despite this, however, we found Volos to be a pleasant town.  Together with June and Geoff we hired a car and drove up onto Mount Pelion and enjoyed spectacular views Volos from a hillside village known as the 'Balcony of Volos'.
We visited the remains of a prehistoric acropolis (well you just have to, don't you?) and went inside a 'beehive tomb'
and drove over to the East side of the Magnesia peninsula to a very busy little Greek holiday town where we sat on the prom and enjoyed an ice cream.  Very British!
June and Geoff joined us on board for a spaghetti carbonara one evening, and we tried out a couple of the ouzeries where you order a tsipero (type of ouzo) and the meze comes with it!  We only ever got as far as two rounds before we were both stuffed and sozzled!!
For our sailing friends - Heikell is quite scathing about Volos, and we have spoken to other cruisers who say they gave it a miss because of him.  We would suggest giving it a try as we really enjoyed our time there.