Overnight to Lovina Bay, Bali

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Steve & Chris
Sat 16 Sep 2017 11:07

08:09.522S 115:01.314E


Saturday 16th September 2017


Distance run: 79 nm


We slipped the lines from the mooring buoy at 1600 after lunch and a swim at the Rinjani Eco resort, a short dinghy ride along the shore.  We had time to clear the coast, where there is a high possibility of unlit FAD’s, before it got dark. 



Mawari sailing into a sun setting over the mountains of Bali.


We headed north west across the Lombok Strait, the gap between Lombok and Bali, making good speed with a fair wind forward of the beam.  This is a major shipping channel from the Indian Ocean to the south, and we did a bit of a dance to avoid several ships crossing our path.  It brought back memories of crossing the English Channel, especially when we had to change course to aim at the stern of one of the ships.


We again stood off the coast by 10-12 nmiles to avoid fishing obstacles and made good time, so that when the wind dropped in the lee of the mountainous north coast of Bali, we were happy to bimble along at 4 knots. We passed several groups of squid boats, easy to avoid with the very bright lights they use to attract the squid.


As dawn approached we became over-confident and ventured closer inshore, only to be shocked to see the feint outline of an enormous FAD pass on our port side no more than a boat-width away.  Ten minutes later, another one passed as close on the starboard side.  Fortunately the sky began to lighten shortly after, and we were able to see the many FAD’s that now showed themselves.  We learnt an invaluable lesson – stay well offshore until daylight!


It was with relief that we made our way safely into Lovina Bay and dropped the anchor soon after 0800.  We were looking forward to exploring ashore, but breakfast and a snooze would come first.