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Steve & Chris
Sun 16 Dec 2012 20:57
09:21.928N 78:15.476W

Sunday 16th December 2012

Distance run: 20 nmiles

We set off out of the anchorage around 0900 for a 20 nmile passage that we would really need to concentrate on.  Today we had to find our way through islands, reefs and shoals and needed our wits about us.  We didn't hoist any sails as we wanted complete manoeuvrability and the option to stop quickly if necessary.  Bauhaus's waypoints were spot on once again, and we arrived at the island of Aridup in time for lunch.  Firstly, though, we needed a swim to cool off.

Aridup is an uninhabited island, and we were surprised to find a boat already there.  In fact it was a boat we had been next to in Santa Marta, so said Hi and asked what the anchorage was like, as it had the potential to be rolly.  They said they'd had a very calm, quiet night.  The wind, however, picked up during the evening and as the water breaking over the reefs became livelier, so did the anchorage.  It was going to be a rolly night.