Ormos Panormos revisited

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Steve & Chris
Fri 10 Jul 2009 16:15
39:06.3N 23:39.6E
Friday 10th July 2009
As Kerrie and Lee have not yet seen any dolphins, and as they were enjoying the sailing, we decided we would sail a little further offshore on the way back to Ormos Panormos, to give ourselves more chance of spotting some.  However, Kerrie had woken feeling a bit rough, and further offshore there was a swell running, and this coupled with a light wind made her feel even worse.  The people on the boat next to us on the quayside were keeping very late hours (a skippered charter so they only had to laze around on deck the next day) and were rather noisy and had disturbed her sleep, so she slept most of the way back to the anchorage and we saw nil dolphins again!
However, she perked up once we arrived in Ormos Panormos again, and we were all soon cooling off in the clear waters again.
The line ashore has other uses too...
We decided to eat on board and Steve produced a very tasty spaghetti carbonara which went down well with one or two (or more...) glasses of wine.  As before, it was calm and peaceful in the anchorage, with only four boats in, and a good night's sleep promised.