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Steve & Chris
Sat 21 Jun 2008 16:07
38:40.5N 09:19.0W

The sail from Peniche to Oeiras was the best yet. The winds were fair and we set the twin headsails and enjoyed the ride. Coming round Cabo Raso was exciting as the wind increased to 30 knots and we had a fast sail up the River Tejo and across the finish line. No engine hours at all this leg - our first so far. And we got a prize for being just 4 minutes adrift of our predicted ETA. We also saw loads of dolphins that stayed with the boat for a couple of hours. So a good day.

The marina at Oeiras is a little more upmarket than those we've been to since Bayona, but also noisier. We spent half an hour on arrival fuelling up because the diesel nozzle was too big to fit our filler and we had to use a funnel. Waiting for 180 litres to fill through a funnel is pretty tedious - especially when you've had a great sail and are looking forward to a G&T. We are hoping this is not a problem we will encounter too often!

Now making our way to Sines. The winds are light and we have the cruising chute up and are doing 6 knots or so in a fairly flat sea. We expect to get there early evening at this speed - a few more knots of wind would be good though.