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Steve & Chris
Mon 14 Sep 2009 14:35
37:46.2N 23:45.4E
Monday 14th September 2009
At last we slipped our moorings and left Lavrion, heading down the coast to Cape Sounion where we hung a right into the Saronic Gulf, thereby beginning the next leg of our summer cruise.  James soon relaxed into sailing mode and looked as at home on the helm as always.
James on the helm.
After all the strong winds of the last week, we now had too little to sail by and therefore motored to our intended bay.  Upon arrival, however, we were not impressed either with this or its neighbouring bay, given the sea state and the Southerly wind that was picking up.  Having noticed on the chart a North-Westerly facing bay on a nearby island, we made for this instead.  It was not marked as an anchorage, and a large naval-looking buoy in its centre and a naval emblem on a wall on one shore suggested that it may at one time have been in use by the military.  However, there seemed no reason not to stay there, so that's what we did.