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Tue 1 Sep 2009 21:24
38:23.65N 24:02.7E
Monday 31st August 2009
Woke to find we were the only boat left in the anchorage, and very soon there were none left.  Once out of the bay, we found a fair wind and raised the genoa for the first time in ages.  A gentle sail downwind in 12-15 knots soon found us at our destination.  It was not hard to find - the cement works was the first sign, followed by the power station!  Why did we choose this place we asked ourselves, and as we entered the harbour we still couldn't think why!
Anyway, we found a space on the wall, tied up and went for a walk.  Once again we realised that you have to read between the lines in the pilot book.  It did mention the cement works and the power station, but suggested that the 'pretty waterfront' made up for it.  We couldn't see how!  We sat on the 'pretty waterfront' and had lunch, and here is the view we had:
The beautiful view from the waterfront!
Later, though, as it got dark and the lights came on, the power station virtually disappeared and the waterfront lit up and it didn't look so bad after all.
Tuesday 1st September 2009
We had planned to leave today, but the wind was blowing pretty strongly already when we woke up, making it a little tricky getting out of our spot on the quay.  This, coupled with the fact that it was forecast to blow all day and night and we were heading for an anchorage, led us to reconsider our plans and we decided instead to stay till tomorrow.
After breakfast we walked into town, 1km from the harbour, and were surprised to find a pleasant, modern, busy town.  We stopped and had a frappe in a coffee shop and watched the world go by for a while, then got lost trying to find our way back to the boat.  We happened upon a DVD rental shop which was selling off ex-rentals cheap, and spent some time browsing while the owner copied "My big fat greek wedding" for us - not something that would happen in the UK!  We spent some time chatting to the owner, who was an American Greek who appeared to be pleased to have someone to chat to in English.  Steve invited him for a drink on the boat later.
We stocked up with essentials and fresh food in a big supermarket on the road back to the harbour, and had a late lunch on board.  It was still very windy, so we snuggled down in the saloon and watched one of the DVDs we had just bought.
Later, after dinner, just as we were thinking about going to bed, the guy from the DVD shop turned up and kept us up very late talking.  Boy could he talk!