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Steve & Chris
Fri 12 Jun 2009 15:22
41:05.4N 31:07.3E
Friday 12th June 2009
As we left the anchorage it was a beautiful sunny day, but not a breath of wind, so we motored for a while. Eventually we got enough wind to enjoy the peace and quiet of sailing - but then discovered the freezer, which we use as a second fridge, was not working.  Oh no!  Warm beer!  That would be a job for later.
We arrived in Akçakoca late afternoon, and again it was a fishing harbour where we dropped the kedge and tied the bows to the quay.  Another pleasant town with very friendly people.  They don't appear to see many yachts - the restaurant owner who helps with lines said that they had 8 yachts all last year, but so far they had already had 9 this year.  Many people came along the quay to look at the boat, and many wanted to practise their English, so we were quite glad the boat had its bow facing the quay!