Latttakia, Syria to Jounieh, Lebanon

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Steve & Chris
Wed 9 Jun 2010 21:40

Tuesday 9th June 2010


We spent the day getting the boat ready for an afternoon departure.  We had the usual group leaders’ briefing, and then we briefed our own group.  Finally all the preparations and paperwork were completed, and mid-afternoon we threw off the lines and headed out of the harbour on a heading that would take us in a direct line, at a 90 degree angle to the coast, out of Syrian waters.  Once outside Syrian waters we would turn left and sail parallel to the coast until the waypoint off Jounieh in Lebanon, where we would turn left and enter Lebanese waters, and sail in a direct line to Jounieh harbour.  We were under strict instructions from the Rally leaders – do NOT sail east of the line joining the two waypoints, and do not cut the corners at the waypoints.  If we did, we would be within territorial waters of either Syria or Lebanon, and for neither country would that go down well!  We decided it is always best to play by their rules – especially when they have gunboats patrolling their waters!