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Steve & Chris
Sun 20 Sep 2015 21:09

17:38.533S 177:23.623E


Sunday 20th September 2015


Distance run: 12 nmiles


Having made a few enquiries about the possibility of getting the watermaker leak fixed and finding that it would be impossible before we get to Australia, we decided we would just have to nurse it through, only running it when we are at anchor so that we can collect the leaking water in tubs rather than filling up the bilges. 


So this morning we waited until we saw some of the trip boats leave Denarau and then lifted the anchor and went into the port and alongside the trip boat dock where we used the hose to fill our water tanks.  We reasoned that if we could only use the watermaker at anchor, it would be good to be topped right up with water while possible.  Our tanks hold over 700 litres, so a four-day passage will pose no problems.


Once full, we slipped the lines and headed off to Saweni Bay where we dropped the anchor in almost exactly the same spot we had left a few days before.  The weather is looking good for departure to Vanuatu on Tuesday, so we will anchor in Lautoka tomorrow morning and go ashore to complete clearance formalities, then make our way to Momi Bay near the pass through the reef where we will spend the night, and set off for Vanuatu on Tuesday morning.