Day sail to Lingeh Bay

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Steve & Chris
Thu 31 Aug 2017 21:33

08:17.485S 120:35.71E


Thursday 31st August 2017


Distance run: 35 nm


Anchor up at 0700 and we retraced our route through the reefs and back out into open water.  It was a typical day sail along the north coast of Flores, with sails up or down according to the wind, or lack of it.  We haven’t done this much motoring in a long while, but at least we would arrive with full water tanks and very hot water.


m_IMG_3748.jpg                m_IMG_3749.jpg

Leaving Riung in the early morning light on flat seas.                                      Blue skies by mid-morning – and still flat seas and no wind.



An unusual sight – a local boat not made of wood!


It was a very pleasant trip along the coast in sunny skies and flat water.  The highlight of the trip was spotting a whale – first its blow just off the port bow and a little ahead.  At first I thought it was a splash from a fish jumping, but with the next blow there was no doubt, and then we saw its back as it swam along on the surface.  We watched it swim across our bow and down our starboard side and then off out to sea.  So huge and so close.  Exciting! 


We arrived at Lingeh bay just after lunchtime.  We barely had the anchor down when the first of the canoe-loads of children arrived.  They were not backward in coming forward, and immediately and openly asked for handouts.  Even the adults barely attempted to trade – no fruit, veggies or fish – just hands out for anything we wanted to give them. 


There were four boats in the anchorage by late afternoon – Chi and Nauti Nauti as well as Mawari and us.  It turned out that it was Sue’s birthday, and we were all invited aboard Mawari for bubbles and birthday cake.  After a very social and convivial sundowners, we joined Bob and Sue for a birthday supper.  Lovely.