Isla Tigre

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Steve & Chris
Mon 17 Dec 2012 16:49
09:25.925N 78:31.453W

Monday 17th December 2012

Distance run: 18nmiles

It was indeed a rolly night at Aridup, but more than made up for by the
surroundings.  We took the rib ashore and went snorkelling and then for a
stroll along the palm-fringed beach.  There wasn't a lot to see in the water
really, a few fish and a little coral, but quite disappointing.  With all
the seagrass growing we would expect to see turtles, but not so far.

Anyway, we needed to be up early this morning to top up the diesel in the
tank from the jerry cans on deck, so by 0730 the job was done and the cans
resecured on deck.  As today's passage would be mostly through deep water
and the wind was fair we were able to sail most of the way under full main
and genoa.

Just off the western end of Isla Tigre we dropped the sails and motored our
way in through the reefs.  Although the sun chose this moment to disappear
behind clouds, water was breaking all around and it was easy to find our way
in - however, we strayed a little to the side of the channel and discovered
that there was a shoal over which there were no breakers!  Fortunately we
slid to a gentle halt in sand, and were able to back off again by giving it
a bit of welly in reverse.  At this point the sun reappeared and the shoal
we had run into was perfectly visible.  Typical!  Anyway, no harm done, and
we found our way into the anchorage and dropped the anchor.

It wasn't the nicest place we have anchored - we were quite close to the
shore ahead of us which was crowded with Kuna huts and not at all
picturesque, and behind us was a shoal.  It was actually quite a tight
anchoring space and would not have accommodated another boat very easily.
The upside was that the water was flat and calm and nobody came to bother
A Kuna sailing canoe glides silently past us with its cargo of coconuts.

Steve had bought a slipper lobster for a dollar from a fisherman at Aridup,
an odd-looking creature that doesn't look like any lobster we've ever seen.
I was sceptical about its freshness until Steve showed me its legs waving
around!  We invited Mary & Rod to supper to join us in giving it a try, as
they had never seen one either.  Squeamish as ever, I left the men to boil
it and cut it up.  They made an excellent job of it and 'larry the lobster'
was served in a mayonnaise and lime sauce and was very tasty indeed!