Atlantic Highlands once more

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Steve & Chris
Sat 23 Jul 2011 16:33
40:25.0N 74:01.29W
Saturday 23rd July 2011
Distance run: 37 nmiles
We slipped the mooring buoy around 1500 with not a breath of wind about.  The temperature was HOT and it was good to be on the move.  Within an hour we were in the East River and heading for Hell Gate.  We passed La Guardia airport and Rikers Island (so many prison blocks- how many criminals are in there?!)  Through Hell Gate with almost no ripples on the water, and soon we were back in New York Harbour passing by Liberty once more. This time we were in company with Nimue, and so both took the opportunity to take photos of each other's boats near the statue.  Unfortunately the timing of the tides meant that we were there at late afternoon when the light is not best, and we needed to press on to get to the anchorage before dark, so did the best we could with the cameras.
Scott-Free with lower Manhattan & Battery Park behind                                        and saying farewell to Liberty.
As we approached the Verrazano bridge the wind picked up a little and we were able to sail for a short while, but then needed to hoist the iron topsail again to keep up our speed if we hoped to reach Atlantic Highlands before dark.
We eventually arrived at  Atlantic Highlands just as it was getting dark, dropped the anchor and hit the sack.