Fish for supper?

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Steve & Chris
Wed 2 Jun 2010 21:30

Wednesday 2nd June 2010


Steve made good use of the extra day in Mersin to go shopping for some fishing equipment.  So far we have trailed lines off the back of the boat, but have had no luck in getting any bites, so after discussion with the crew of Serafina who have had much more luck, Steve went off into town with Lesley to buy a rod and reel and some ‘lucky’ lures.  His first trip to town proved unsuccessful in finding what he wanted, but he returned from a later trip on the back of a motor scooter bearing a rod and associated necessary equipment.  He is now fired with enthusiasm to get out there and start fishing!


Today we have spent getting the boat ready for the overnight sail to Lattakia in Syria, and waiting around for the clearance paperwork to be completed.  This finally happened late afternoon, and so by early evening we had slipped our lines and were on our way.