Shirley Heights & Nelson's Dockyard

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Steve & Chris
Mon 21 Mar 2011 03:57
17:00.912N 61:46.398W
Monday 21st March 2011
Distance run: 14 nmiles
We spent the first day of James's visit in Jolly Harbour, giving him a chance to catch his breath and us a chance to provision the boat and do a few odd jobs.  We set James to work immediately (did he REALLY think he was coming for a holiday?!!)
James fixing new croc clips to the jump leads.
He was rewarded for his endeavours later when we went to the beach for a swim and sundowners - and looked very at home in matching beer and t-shirt!
Beers on the beach.
The following day we had a gentle sail around to Falmouth Harbour, where we dropped anchor and set off for Shirley Heights.  We arrived early and enjoyed the view in peace and quiet, as more people slowly drifted in.  We listened to the steel band as we watched the sun go down, and enjoyed supper from the barbecue, washed down with a beer or two.  By the time we left, the steel band had been replaced by a reggae band which were in full swing,and we could barely pick our way through the crowd to reach the exit.
Enjoying the view of English & Falmouth Harbours.                                        The steel band got livelier as the afternoon wore on!
The following day we went ashore and explored Nelson's Dockyard in neighbouring English Harbour, which is just a short walk from Falmouth Harbour.  Nelson was stationed there in the 1780's but was unpopular because of the way he enforced the Navigation Act which restricted trade to British ships.  The buildings in the Dockyard have been restored and are all in use, and there is a small museum, and the two harbours are managed by the Nelson's Dockyard National Park. We walked out to Fort Berkeley Point,and were amused by the sign which informed visitors that the path had been built and maintained by the "Royal Naval Tot Club"!  Perhaps that was why the sign was tipsy!
One of the restored buildings in Nelson's Dockyard.                                        The Royal Naval "Tot" club!
Tomorrow we will head around the east coast of the island where there are reputed to be some fine anchorages, for a day or two of swimming and snorkelling on the reefs.