Round Grenada in a day - part 3

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Steve & Chris
Tue 5 Jun 2012 19:54

Tuesday 5th June 2012


Next stop was the River Antoine Rum Distillery.  This claims to be the oldest distillery in Grenada and certainly feels like stepping back into the past.  Constructed in 1785, it claims to have been running continuously since then.  The English water wheel which drives the machinery is over 8 metres high and is powered by water from the river, hence the name of the rum – Rivers.  At one time it was impossible to take a bottle of this rum on board an aeroplane as it is at least 75% proof, but they have recently begun to produce some that is 69% so that tourists can take it home with them.  It is not exported otherwise.


m_P6050071.jpg                           m_P6050073.jpg

The enormous water wheel powers the machinery.                                        Rum fermenting in huge concrete vats.


m_P6050074.jpg                           m_P6050076.jpg

The still.                                                                                                                                                Steve found the rum a little strong – I missed that shot unfortunately!


Finally we enjoyed a drive through the Grand Etang National Park and visited the Grand Etang Lake.  The clouds were so low that we could barely make it out even from the water’s edge.  Raoul said he would normally take us up higher to look down on the lake but that today we would see nothing.


m_P6050078.jpg                           m_P6050081.jpg

The Grand Etang Lake up high in the hills.                                                                             Our mini-bus and guide – Raoul – a very nice guy.


All too soon the trip was over, and although it was a whistlestop tour of some of the Spice Island’s delights, we felt we had got a flavour of the island and its people.  Steve & I are looking forward to exploring further over the next few weeks.