Westward- ho!

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Steve & Chris
Sat 14 Aug 2010 14:15
Saturday 14th August 2010
We rose early to an overcast sky and even a few drops of rain.  Steve went off to Police/Customs to see how much of a 'present' it would cost us to check out of Tunisia.  Clearing in had cost us 20 euros, this being half what they asked for after ten minutes of haggling.  Steve has it down to a fine art now.  Surprisingly they did not want a 'present' to allow us to leave, just the completion of paperwork.
We fuelled up on the way out and were on our way soon after 11.
It was an enjoyable visit to Tunisia as it is always interesting to see how other people live. Sadly we found the people generally to be the least friendly and helpful we have come across so far. We probably won't be adding it to our list of places to visit again!