Alligator River

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Steve & Chris
Fri 3 Jun 2011 16:51
35:56.47N 75:56.2W
Friday 3rd June 2011
Distance run:  42 nmiles
Another very muddy anchor and chain!  First thing on the agenda this morning was the Wilkerson Bridge which has only 64 feet of clearance and is in non-tidal water so no chance of getting to it at low tide!  We just had to go for it and keep our fingers crossed.  The tallest aerial on the mast pinged the front edge of the bridge, then cleared the rest and we sighed a big sigh of relief.  Apparently the clearance is sometimes as low as 62 feet when there has been a lot of rain, so we were glad of the hot, dry weather right now!
Next we had a slalem course to avoid tree stumps sticking up out of the water, even in the middle of the channel at times, so again we had to be concentrating. We sighted a bald eagle in a tree on the edge of the canal. 
A bald eagle,with white head.
We arrived at the anchorage late afternoon, and again all gathered on board one of the boats for drinks and dinner.