Downwind at last!

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Steve & Chris
Thu 30 Jul 2009 13:45
39:07.4N 23:43.8E
Thursday 30th July 2009
An earlier start today as we had been advised to leave the lagoon anchorage before the seas had had time to build up in the entrance thus avoiding a rather lively exit!  As we were forecast force 5 straight into the entrance, we thought this a bit of advice worth heeding, so we were under way by 0900, and left without incident, noting that at least half the boats had already left.
From Planitis it was an almost straight run downwind to Skopelos Town, so we put up the yankee and two thirds of the genoa and had a very comfy sail downwind under the twin headsails.  By the time we reached Skiathos Town the wind had dropped and we had let the rest of the genoa out.  By 14:30 we were bows to in Skopleos Town and ready to explore.
The town quay in Skopelos Town
We all agreed that although it was definitely touristy, Skopelos Town did not have the brashness of Skiathos Town and it was generally agreed therefore that it was the more preferable of the two. No doubt it had become more touristy since the release of Mama Mia the film which was filmed mainly on the island.  We were only able to stay one night as Rachel and Alan needed to be back in Skiathos Town the next day ready for an early ferry on Saturday, but we decided we would return for a further look before leaving the Northern Sporades altogether.