Flying jockstrap

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Steve & Chris
Mon 6 May 2013 23:56
03:55.00S 102:17.533W
Monday 6th May 2013
Distance run so far: 546
Distance run Day 5: 164
Total distance run: 710 nmiles
Made very good speed yesterday, clocking up the best mileage so far this passage.  Wind eased a bit this morning and settled down to a steady 13-16 knots, which it has been all day.  As the wind is fair to sail along the rhumb line, Sheer Tenacity have been able to keep us company.  They can't sail on a reach quite as close to windward as we can though, so they dropped back about three nmiles in the night.  Rod decided to bring out his secret weapon - his re-cut cruising chute (which he happily calls the 'flying jockstrap') and with this flying he gradually caught us up. 
David Bailey aka Steve decided this was a good Kodak moment, so we altered course to get closer to Sheer and as they approached we started snapping and videoing their approach.  At this point the wind freshened a bit and was approaching 20 knots, so they decided it was time to put the sail away, and Rod demonstrated his very expensive but effective Wichard quick-release snap shackle.  As Sheer has a bowsprit, it's difficult for him to get to the tack to release it, so he has a line on the shackle which allows him to release the sail from the (relative) safety of the foredeck.  Then, whoosh, up it goes in the air, to be snuffed by pulling down its long sleeve, and it is safely tucked away.
Very entertaining - thanks Rod!
The re-cut 'flying jockstrap' in action - hence the line in the South Africa colours!
The released sail just prior to being 'snuffed' by its white condom, seen at the top of the sail.