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Steve & Chris
Fri 22 Jul 2011 16:04
40:49.86N 73:42.87W
Friday 22nd July 2011
Distance run: 19 nmiles
A good sail yesterday afternoon back round to Port Washington to collect our propane gas cylinder from the hardware store where we left it last weekend for filling. The bad news is, they can't fill it.  The even worse news is they have kept it at the filling depot rather than sending it back to the hardware store and we plan to leave here tomorrow. 
No problem, say the hardware store, we'll give you a US propane tank full of propane instead and just charge you for the gas.  Result.  We've already bought one US cylinder at $80, so getting one free of charge is definitely a bonus, since we can't get the UK ones filled anyway here,and only with great difficulty in the Caribbean. 
So we walked up the hill to collect the propane, then stopped off at the Mediterranean cafe for brunch.  Steve had ham,eggs etc and I had three deliciously fluffy blueberry pancakes with syrup.  There are some things I absolutely love about the US, and their pancakes are definitely up there!  The cafe owner is Turkish,and we got all sentimental about Turkey when looking at the Turkish goods on sale.
Later we went for drinks on Amokura as we will be leaving to head south tomorrow and Kevin will be heading north when Jean returns from her trip to the UK tomorrow.  Then we all adjourned to Nimue for supper and since we don't need to leave to catch the tide until the afternoon, it was not an early night...