Buca Bay

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Steve & Chris
Fri 26 Jun 2015 20:01

16:40.381S 179:49.618E


Friday 26th June 2015


Distance run:  15 nmiles


After a leisurely breakfast and a tidy up and making ready for sea, we lifted the anchor just before lunchtime and set off for the island of Kioa.  There was no need to go back out of Viani Pass as the passage would be entirely inside the reef, but timing was important as we would be rounding a headland where tidal currents of 2-3 knots run, and we were aiming to have those knots with us rather than against!


In the event our timing was spot on as we had very little current either way, just a little disturbed water in a couple of places, and the passage went very smoothly under engine and the yankee headsail.  We arrived at the anchorage around 15:00, but after a short look around decided it was rather too windy and lumpy in there for comfort, and headed out again.  Plan B was then put into action and we made for Buca Bay, just a couple of nmiles past Kioa Island on the shore of Vanua Levu.


Buca Bay is a very large and sheltered bay and there were no other boats there, so we had our choice of anchoring positions.  By 16:00 the anchor was down and we were enjoying views of the sun going down over Kioa and Rabi Islands.