Waya South

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Steve & Chris
Wed 9 Sep 2015 21:11

17:19.675S 177:07.847E


Wednesday 9th September 2015


Distance run: 14 nmiles


A pleasant day dawned after a comfortable night, and we lifted the anchor mid-morning and motored a wiggly path through the surrounding reefs.  Once out in the deeper water, we unfurled the headsail and had a lovely sail between the islands and down the west coast of Waya.  The topography of this island reminds me very much of the Marquesas, with its limestone outcrops.  As we neared our destination, a large bay on the south-west corner of the island, the wind headed us, and we furled away the sail and concentrated on avoiding the large reef in the entrance.  Once inside the bay we found deep water again, and had to go quite close in to the beach before it began to shelve to depths suitable for anchoring.  We dropped the anchor in 18 metres and settled back to enjoy the scenery.  We had no intention of going ashore here, it was just an overnight stop on the way back to the main island, so we enjoyed an anchoring beer and watched the sun go down.


m_P9090544.jpg                m_P9090545.jpg


m_P9090548.jpg                m_P9090546.jpg

Waya – very reminiscent of the Marquesas.