Skiathos town

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Steve & Chris
Sat 4 Jul 2009 15:59
Saturday 4th July 2009
We were very comfortable at anchor, although the disco ashore went on until 5 a.m.but decided it would be better to be against the town quay as we needed to take on diesel and water, and do some shopping in order to feed our visitors.  So when the town quay emptied this morning, we moved over.  It will also be easier for Kerrie and Lee to bring bags on board too. 
We explored some of Skiathos town which is the Greek equivalent of Marmaris, though without the chavs it seems.  We found a mobile phone shop and bought a Greek SIM card which works in our Turkish Nokia, and the guy in the shop was very helpful in finding out if WIND do a similar internet package to Turkcell.  Unfortuantely they do not, but they do something similar, although much more expensive (in line with everything else it seems).  So we will have internet access occasionally, and will do emails from our Virgin UK phones as before. 
We found the big supermarket which is obviously a Greek branch of Carrefour, and prices there are not quite as outrageous as everywhere else. 
Stewart and Pam came over for drinks this evening and answered lots of questions and gave some good pointers on places to go.