La Alhambra

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Steve & Chris
Sun 29 Aug 2010 20:59
Having collected the car (somewhat battered but the aircon worked!) and done a quick booze trip to the local supermarket (cheap beer and VERY cheap wine) we set off to find the road out of Almerimar to Granada.  The car hire guy had suggested we use the motorway rather than the local roads as it's quicker and more straightforward, so we were expecting a couple of hours of boring motorway scenery,but were very pleasantly surprised to find this not to be the case.  The roads were excellent, traffic sparse and the scenery was stunning. The roads skirted around the edge of the Sierra Nevada and it was odd to see snow on the peaks in the height of a very hot summer. 
We had a moment of panic when a beep sounded in the car and a light appeared next to the fuel gauge.  We had checked the fuel level before leaving and as the needle was three-quarters of the way across to the right we thought we had three-quarters of a tank full.  However, as the warning light had come on we assumed it wasn't working, and cursing the crap Spanish car hire firm managed to find an exit with a petrol station before we ran out of petrol.  When we checked the fuel gauge again, the needle had gone all the way to the left, apparently now empty, until we looked closer and realised that the gauge worked from right to left,and it was in fact showing full!  The tank had only been one quarter full when we started, not three!  Der!!
Anyway, with no further excitement we followed the excellent signage around Granada's equivalent of the M25 and arrived at the Alhambra at lunchtime.
We spent a very enjoyable afternoon wandering around the extensive site, which includes several buildings as well as the palaces and some beautiful formal gardens full of attractive water features.  The tickets are sold with a time-slot for entry to the Palaces and ours was not till 6 p.m. so we had plenty of time to wander around and see everything else and to just sit and enjoy the gardens before rounding the visit off with a tour of the Palaces.
Palace shots: