Christmas Eve at the Botanic Gardens

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Steve & Chris
Thu 24 Dec 2015 22:37

Thursday 24th December 2015


Just the right sort of day for a wander around the Botanic Gardens, and by mid-morning we were walking up from the bus stop in Bridge Street towards the Government House Gate.  We decided on a clock-wise wander around the park, which took us past the Opera House, around Farm Cove, so named as the site of the first farm in Sydney, planted with seeds brought by the First Fleet, out to Mrs Macquarie’s chair and back through the Domain to Hyde Park.  We spent several happy hours just wandering and looking.


m_IMG_7463.jpg                m_IMG_7476.jpg

Possibly the oldest trees in Sydney between the icons.                                    Celebrating 200 years of planting the Botanic Gardens.


m_IMG_7477.jpg                m_IMG_7479.jpg


m_IMG_7483.jpg                m_IMG_7497.jpg

The CBD rises behind the gardens.


m_IMG_7493.jpg                m_IMG_7498.jpg

Rainbow Lorikeet enjoying lunch.


m_IMG_7504.jpg                m_IMG_7529.jpg

Both Sydney icons through the trees of the Botanic Gardens.                      Australian Naval vessel across Woolloomooloo Bay.


m_IMG_7527.jpg                m_IMG_7526.jpg

Mrs Macquarrie’s chair – handcarved by convicts for the Governor’s wife, and looking out over the harbour.


m_IMG_7534.jpg                m_IMG_7536.jpg


m_IMG_7543.jpg           m_IMG_7561.jpg

Taking it easy and checking the map.                                                                     Big old eucalyptus tree.


m_IMG_7572.jpg            m_IMG_7575.jpg

Leaving the gardens via the Woolloomooloo Gate.