On a HIGH....

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Steve & Chris
Mon 18 Nov 2013 23:53
33:06.526S 174:56.295E
Monday 18th November 2013
Distance run so far:   807
Distance run Day 7:  121
Total distance run:    928 nmiles
...both literally and metaphorically.  Literally it would be more accurate to say that we are IN a HIGH, as we are passing through the centre of a high pressure system - currently 1025 millibars, giving us nil wind, sunshine, clear blue skies and calm seas.  Not exactly sailing weather, but hey, who's complaining in light of the alternative?!  The upside is that we have another beautiful day and a chance to straighten up and clean the boat before arriving in Opua.  Oh, and the batteries are for once fully charged as the engine has been on since yesterday afternoon when the cruising chute came down. And....the watermaker has been going full pelt in its attempt to desalinate the South Pacific Ocean.  Actually, that reminds me - better go and check we're not putting it back into the Pacific Ocean.....
No, it's ok, still filling the tanks. 
This morning was another fantastic moonset/sunrise, even better coordinated on either side of the boat as we approach the full moon.  It was absolutely magical watching the moon dip down under the horizon just as the sun peeked above it the other side.  Awesome.
The moon sinks lower in the sky to the west,                                                    whilst the sun peeps above the horizon to the east.  Fantastic.
We are well on our way to New Zeland now, with 134 nmiles left to go to the 'Q' dock in Opua.  We hope to be there sometime tomorrow afternoon.
So we are on a high metaphorically too.  It's been a lot of miles and many places since we came through the Canal, and now we are about to reach another milestone of our trip.  Takes some believing sometimes....