On our way to the Marquesas

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Steve & Chris
Thu 2 May 2013 21:52
01:49.016S 93:09.326W

Thursday 2nd May 2013

Distance run: 145 nmiles

We set off from Isabela yesterday mid-morning in nil wind and flat calm
seas, and bade the Galapagos islands goodbye. It would have been good to
stay longer, but we have a lot of ocean to cross on our way to New Zealand
before the cyclone season starts. About 7000 nautical miles of it in fact.

This passage will be our longest ever, at around 3000 nmiles, and we expect
it to take at least three weeks. The first day was a mix of motoring, then
motor-sailing in 6-10 knots, sailing in 10-15 knots and sailing with a reef
in both main and headsail in 18-25 knots. The sea has become progressively
livelier with the increased wind, but both have now settled down a bit and
we have 14-15 knots. All has been over the port quarter and so not too

We were entertained by manta rays soaring out of the water, somersaulting
and diving back in, nazca boobies, turtles, Galapagos shearwaters and flying
fish. The sun came up to reveal three squid (no, not £3!) on the coach
roof. They must have leapt up there because that part of the deck has
stayed dry!

That's about it for now. Time for a jog round the deck.......