A shite night

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Steve & Chris
Mon 7 Oct 2013 02:52
14:18.035S 169:18.277W

Monday 7th October 2013
Distance run so far: 250
Distance run Day 3: 126
Total distance run: 376 nmiles

Well, I was not wrong about the wet night! Complete cloud cover by late afternoon yesterday and at 1800 the fun began with winds gusting up to 35-40 knots and torrential rain as squall after squall passed through. Steve stayed on watch through until 0200 when the skies gradually began to clear and the wind to ease. One squall, as seen on the radar, was over 8 nmiles long, coming from astern it ran its full length over the top of us. It was too wide to turn out of, so we reefed right down and rode it out. At least it gave us some speed and we put a few nmiles under our belts.