Christmas update

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Steve & Chris
Wed 23 Dec 2009 19:51
Time to catch up on what's been happening aboard Scott-Free since we arrived back in Marmaris in October...
Andy and Mo came out to Marmaris for a well-earned holiday in mid-October.  Andy was looking much better than we had expected after his illness, and was on good form.  They came to visit us on the boat and decided to give it a try and come for a sail.  Andy took to it like a duck to water, and spent a lot of time on the helm, very quickly picking up how to keep the sails full and the boat heading in the right direction!  Mo enjoyed the ride!!
No sooner had Andy and Mo gone home than Kirstie arrived with the kids.  Fortunately the weather was still warm and Maisie and Jake were able to take advantage of the marina swimming pool on most days.  We went to a Hallowe'en 'party' that wasn't much of a party - we'd have had more fun having our own party on the boat!
We went to watch oil wrestling - the contestants are covered from head to toe in olive oil and then have to wrestle each other to the ground - great fun to watch and taken quite seriously by the Turks!  Jake sat for hours watching it!
We went for a sail over to a local bay and took the rib ashore so that the kids could play on the beach.
We went bowling and Maisie beat her Grandma! 
We had a very busy week but as usual it went all too quickly.  It was lovely to have the kids on board, even if we didn't do a lot of sailing. 
Hopefully they will do more as they get older. M-J decided to change her career plans as a result of their visit - she now says she wants to do what Grandma and Grandad are doing when she grows up!
Once our visitors had left we settled down into everyday life in the marina.  There aren't as many people here this year as last, but there is still a good crowd and we have an active social life that includes Quiz night on Mondays, bowling on Wednesdays, Cruisers' menu in the restaurant Fridays and film night on Sundays.  We are part of a car share again and so pop into town a couple of times a week and to the local market on Sundays to get fresh fruit and veg.
As usual there is a long list of jobs to be done on the boat which we are gradually working our way through, and the days fly past without us realising how fast they go!
The weather has been quite variable since the beginning of November and we have already had a couple of storms and heavy rain  - much earlier than last year. This week it is much more settled with blue skies and sunshine and the temperatures for Christmas Eve and Day are forecast to be 21 degrees.
On Christmas Eve we are going to a party at a hotel owned by fellow yachties in Marmaris, staying overnight and having Christmas dinner there.  On New Year's Eve we are going to the marina party which was a really good bash last year - the Turks certainly know how to celebrate New Year!
We are due back in the UK on Jan 11th but out again to the Gambia on the 15th.  We sponsor a couple of children's education out there and are going to visit the school and meet the children, staying with some friends we met through sailing who have a house out there.  We will be back in the UK from Jan 28th until Feb 22nd, and hope to be able to catch up with friends and family during that time.
That just about brings us up to date.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and successful 2010.
Chris & Steve