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Steve & Chris
Wed 19 Aug 2015 22:19

Wednesday 19th August 2015


A busy day started with a visit to a couple of supermarkets and then the Municipal market for fresh fruit and veg, then back to the hotel to check out and load all the luggage into the car.  Loaded to the gunwales we set off for Denarau and the ferry back to Musket Cove.  On the way we needed to fill up with petrol, but somehow managed to arrive at Denarau without having passed a fuel station.  So after driving around countless roundabouts and passing resorts with more manicured lawns than you could ever wish to see, we somehow found our way back to Nadi and a petrol station.   


All fuelled up, we headed back to Port Denarau and made an impressive pile of luggage on the pavement.  Bear drove off to return the hire car and Steve set off to find the check-in desk for the Malolo Cat, while Pepe and I assured the travel company rep lady that we were only temporarily camping on her bit of pavement with a waist-high pile of luggage and shopping.  Steve was soon back and no sooner had we relocated our luggage pile beside the check-in desk than it opened and a very friendly and helpful chap took off with the five biggest bags to load them on the ferry.   With an hour to wait before boarding, we retired to a nearby cafe.



Thirsty work, lugging luggage!


We were back in Musket Cove by 15:30, pleased to see that all was well with the old girl on her buoy as we passed her by on the ferry.  Bear went to collect the dinghy, and soon we were safely back on board Scott-Free.  As the weather had taken a turn for the better, the plan was to leave the next day for the Yasawa group of islands, so we spent the rest of the day settling up the bill ashore, stowing all our purchases, unpacking bags and making ready for sea.


The road trip had been a whirlwind of activity – so many sights, sounds, places, experiences, people, colours, flavours – all packed into ten days ashore in Viti Levu.  We loved every mad minute of it.  Now we are looking forward to slowing the pace and enjoying some more island time.