Pacific paso doble

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Steve & Chris
Wed 8 May 2013 23:21
04:49.542S 106:52.513W
Wednesday 8th May 2013
Distance run so far:  861
Distance run Day 7: 131
Total distance run:   992 nmiles
Just 8 nmiles short of the first 1000!
Another very nice day at sea.  Wind and sea very moderate so a nice, comfortable ride.  Plenty of time to get some chores done and then some for a crossword or two.
Lots of splashing and leaping could be seen off the port beam this morning which we think were tuna trying to escape a pod of dolphins.  Still seeing sea birds, though not been able to identify them yet. 
You would think that with all these thousands of miles of searoom we wouldn't have to worry too much about bumping into other boats.  Not so earlier today, when Scott-Free and Sheer Tenacity found themselves on converging courses.  Well not that surprising really, considering we set off from the same place and are going to the same place and the shortest way there is to sail along the rhumb line, a straight line between the two.  The pic of the chart plotter below shows the situation.  Our course and speed are at the top, and ST's is below it.  CPA means 'Closest Point of Approach', which means the closest they will come to you as they pass.  36 feet is just a little too close for both our likings!  The chart plotter pic is just for illustration, we didn't need it to know they were getting a bit close!
The chartplotter shows our courses.
Hence the Pacific paso doble - we altered course to starboard and they altered course to port, and in a little boat dance they passed safely behind our stern and we both continued on our merry way.
Sheer Tenacity running downwind goosewinged.