Opua, New Zealand - Hurrah!!

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Steve & Chris
Tue 19 Nov 2013 08:25
35:18.888S 174:07.294E
Tuesday 19th November 2013
Distance run so far:  928
Distance run Day 8: 140
Adj. Day 3:               16  (Position fix time moved from 0900 to 1200)
Total distance run:  1084 nmiles
No wind so motored the last day.  Shortly after dawn we got our first glimpse of the New Zealand coast.  We entered the Bay of Islands - very picturesque - mid-morning and tied up at the 'Q' (for 'Quarantine') dock around lunchtime.  Sheer Tenacity had arrived a couple of hours before us, and Rod & Mary joined us on board for our traditional celebration of bacon butties and Bollie.  We were just finishing the second bottle of fizz when the officials put in an appearance and began the checking in formalities. 
We had heard horror stories of this process, but in fact we were visited on board by two very pleasant chaps - one from Customs and shortly after one from Quarantine.  Both were very friendly and completed the necessary paperwork without fuss, taking the time and trouble to answer our questions about visas and boat permit.  They confiscated only a couple of things - honey and garlic - took away our rubbish, and wished us an enjoyable stay in New Zealand.  There was no charge and it was all completed in half an hour. We are now allowed to stay here for 6 months and the boat for 12.  
By mid-afternoon we had moved the boat to her present position, alongside a finger pontoon in berth C19 in Opua Marina, where we will stay for a week or two.  Now for some sleep!