Ticking jobs off the list

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Steve & Chris
Fri 12 Apr 2019 20:05

Friday 12th April 2019


We were very pleased when the guys from Octopus electronics turned up as promised yesterday morning to look at the navigation light mimic panel, and even happier when, half an hour later, two guys arrived from YSE marine to look at the engine.  By the end of the day, the leaking hoses had been replaced and the heat exchanger had been removed, cleaned out, and replaced. 


The mimic panel had mostly been installed, but there was a problem with the forward navigation lights only working intermittently, and further investigation showed that the cable in the anchor locker was damaged, most likely by the lightning.  So they returned this morning and, at what seemed the speed of lightning, stripped out the old wiring and replaced it with new.  In no time the mimic panel was fully operational and all the new cabling was tidied up.  What a breath of fresh air to watch competent, efficient workers just get on with their work and do a good job.


We had two more jobs to get done before leaving Boat Lagoon – replace the gas solenoid and get the rigging checked.  We had emailed and sent an enquiry via the rigging company’s website last week, but had heard nothing from them. The same with Cirrus for the solenoid.  So as we needed to walk down to the Octopus office to pay their bill, we decided to call in at their offices.  At Precision Engineering we found David, the rigging surveyor, who was very apologetic that he had not received our communications.  He arranged to call at the boat after lunch to look at the rigging, but would not be able to carry out the survey until after the four-day holiday.  We also called at Cirrus to enquire about getting the gas solenoid replaced, but they were already locked up tight and the sign told us they would not be open again until the 18th.  So we were foiled on both counts and were not going to get our jobs finished before Songkran.


We considered leaving the marina for a couple of days, but the timing of high tide now was not convenient to do so.  Instead we decided to stay put and potter around doing some boat jobs and taking it easy.  Well, we have sailed a whole 189 nautical miles this year, we need a rest! 😉